Producer of books and other printed material.

Nordic larp book (2010)

The Nordic larp scene have been developing for the last 30 years giving us a lot of memorable and groundbreaking games. Two finnish researchers and experts on the area wanted to create a coffee table book with these games including images before it was forgotten. I financed and produced the book. Made in cooperation with Fëa Livia and Game Research Lab at University of Tampere. Watch the releaseparty broadcast or download the book here.


Literary compendium A nice evening (2007)

For the game A nice Evening with the family we needed to give all our participants the plays printed. For this we made two books, one in English and one in Swedish. Both contains six classic Nordic theatre plays by writers as Henrik Ibsen and August Strindberg. Producer and editor. Read about it at here.


Role, play, art (2006)

An anthology book with several articles about the latest research on the Nordic larpscene. I produced it. Read the pdf-version of the book here.


Fëa Livia (2000-2005)

Editor in chief of Sweden’s most progressive magazine about Larp and Role-playing that was published with support from the Swedish arts council. Visit Fëa Livias webpage. 

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