I like to create experiences and perfect organized meeting places. With a game design approach that promotes interactivity and participation I create different experiences that gives the participants memories that lasts long.

These are some of the conference I have done.


StoryTech 2016

A two day conference about the meeting between stories and technology. Created for Region Gävleborg. Vist StoryTech’s homepage.

Paradox Conference 2015

Every year the gaming studio Paradox invite the world’s 50 most important journalist to participate in their four-day long event to try out their new and unreleased games. I was the projektmanager over it which included creating the conference with location, schedule, themed parties, sightseeing social planning and more. One of the themed parties included the entire company and journalists of 200 persons. The event was a success.

“The entire event was genuinely impressive. PDXCon was better than anything I ever saw Microsoft have in my 10+ years of working with them. “ – Ruffian Games

”…putting on the best con of the year, possibly any year.” –  EatMyDiction1

“Through planning and project leading Anna ensured that the event became successful. “ – Daniella Sjunnesson, VP Marketing Paradox


Stockholm Scenario Festival – since 2013

I wanted to create a scene for the best short and avant-garde games from all over the world in Stockholm. The conference is during three days for about 150 people who all play different games of role-playing, larping and interactive theatre. I project manage and curate the games every november since 2013. Find its webpage here.


game night
Game Night 2013

The public opening event of the exhibition Game On 2.0 at Tekniska museet. 1500 people visited a Friday evening for the exhibition, bands, bar, prizes and a fair of computer game companies.


knutpunkt 2010
Knutpunkt 2010

Knutpunkt is an European conference about avant garde larp and role-playing during four days. They year 2010 it was in Sweden and I project managed for 250 participants from 15 countries that included program and beds and food for all.

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Höjdpunkt 2008

I took the initiative to Höjdpunkt, a highlight, a conference about progressive game-design and new experiments. The convention was during four days for 100 participants and managing included program and beds and food for all.

fiskebodaalla loftetHPgolv

Knutpunkt 2006

Knutpunkt is an European conference about avant garde larp and role-playing during four days. They year 2006 it was in Sweden and I project managed for 150 participants including program and four days full board.

Hjärtslaget 2002

Sverok, the national Swedish organisation of games, wanted a conference about increasing communication within the organisation. I project managed for 50 participants for three days full board.