A producer and project leader within the culture sector with a degree in industrial management. Born in Stockholm 1981.


  • Master in industrial economy with specialization in software design from the Royal institute of Technology.
  • Theatre and Journalism Studies at Stockholm’s University
  • Military Education as a Head of a surgical unit at T2, Skövde
  • Theatre at Öland’s Folkhögskola 


I love role-playing, larp, theatre, events, conferences and parties. I have been active in the Nordic larp and role-playing-scene the last 20 years, as a producer, designer and more. I have experience from working within the culture sector, such as museums, theatres, the computer game industry and as a producer of role-playing games, books and conferences.

Ambition as hell

Let’s do something spectacular and out of the ordinary!

About Anna:

The head of Exhibition at the Museum of Science and Technology said:

Anna Westerling has performed her tasks and projects in a both responsible and committed manner. She has always kept, the sometimes narrow, time frames that have been given to her.

Anna has been respected and appreciated for her ambitious attitude, perseverance and ability to be responsible for, at times changing and demanding, projects. She worked quickly, independently and taken her own initiatives, always with extraordinarily good results.

Anna positive and target oriented approach have been a tremendous asset both among employees and in terms of delivering the desired results. She has been a very valued colleague and coworker.

– Daniel Wetterskog, Head of exhibition at the museum of science and technology